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Pitti Emil® holds roots in its social commentary creating a very unique utilitarian programme.

Applying forward thinking technical design and fabrications, mixed with custom pieces to accentuate its stance as an exclusive British utility atelier we take inspiration from British military cut and sew aesthetics and apply the best fabrics sourced from around the world.

Pitti Emil aim to bring something built for trenches but worn on the streets, world class partnerships of British craft and design with a flourishing touch of luxury.

Welcome to Pitti Emil.

"Great design is nothing without a great story"

- Ash Harrison (Creative Director)


Pitti Emil has been created by HARRISON & SPENCER to bring a tech superwear for all condition terrains.

HARRISON is a highly-versatile, multi-discipline Creative - well versed in working across the entire spectrum of ‘brand’ - both internally & externally, creatively & strategically working with many high fashion brands globally.

SPENCER is Ex Military having served in Afghanistan, (Herrick 10 deployed on Op Panthers Claw) and Northern Ireland now applying himself to the tech and utility wear at Pitti Emil, giving a multifunctional concept to a premium streetwear aesthetic.

Having Served 7 1/2 year for the Queen then transferring into CP (Close Protection) work deployed on tasks to Iraq, Somalia, Yemen and Madagascar, SPENCER invests the knowledge of clinical insight of all terrain garments and adds to HARRISON's creative high fashion flair culminating in Pitti Emil's utilitarian programme.

Pitti Emil enables its designers esoteric abilities to create a culmination of outerwear and Ready-to-wear collections focusing mainly on darker washed fabrics, black reflective prints and custom additives, bringing useful yet timeless garments, with low-key intricacies, establishing its stance in a ‘shadowed monochromatic utilitarian aesthetic’.

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